A Great Christmas Message

Now, it’s Christmas Eve. Christmas, to me, is a time not only to be with family. It’s a time to reflect, be grateful, be happy for the year you’ve had, and prepare for the next. This blog was written by a Veteran who heard about us and sent a short message explaining how what we’re doing has been influential in her life. I asked if she’d write more and we would use it as our blog. Here is what she wrote:

I served 2 military deployments to Iraq with the Wisconsin National Guard. After my second deployment I had a very hard time readjusting to regular life. I was diagnosed with PTSD shortly after the return from my second deployment, but I felt as if I had it under control. I did not tell anyone about it because I was still in the guard and did not want to look weak to my soldiers. I have dealt with my PTSD on my own for the past 4 years; I was continually telling myself I had it under control but the symptoms continued to flare month after month. After adding the veterans trek to my Facebook, I followed them closely by reading their blogs and their status updates. The Veterans Trek has motivated me to seek counseling for my PTSD. I learned from the blogs, especially the ones from the mountains in Colorado, that I am not the only one experiencing these symptoms and that I should not be afraid to get help. My first session was last week and I finally feel as if I am headed down the right road. Thank you Veterans Trek!  

Thank you for that. It helps us as we move forward.

If you’re struggling or you know someone who is, please help them. Our lives are too valuable to allow complacency or a feeling of “I hope it’ll get better” to get in the way. You aren’t weak. You aren’t a coward. You aren’t undeserving. You are too important to let the way you think other people will think deter you from getting what you need.

Merry Christmas,
Anthony and Tom

6 Replies to “A Great Christmas Message”

  1. Yay! To me, this is what this journey is about. You guys reaching vets on a personal level they can relate to. Blessings to you all!

  2. Merry Christmas guys! We have thought of you both everyday since we saw you last. Keep on trekking, we are so proud of you!
    Mike and Deb Shafer

  3. Anthony and Tom,
    I recall the conversation we had that night which seems so long ago in Iowa. I recall telling both of you that this Trek you are on is a Trek for all veterans through out the country and that you are representing each and every one of us and I thank you for that. This blog written by this veteran who you have touched and I can’t image how many others are out there that we have not heard from. You are both doing this GREAT thing for veterans and I personally am very proud to know you both and the kind of people that you are. In our own way we are all on the walk with you. Merry Christmas!!!

    keep trekking,

    Art Soto

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