Iowa Cities And Towns On Our Route

Veterans trek showing some Iowa love. For those in that neck of the woods, here are the towns and cities in Iowa we are going through on our trek! If you want to walk with us through any of these towns/cities, let us know!

Dubuque, Farley, Dyersville, Earlville, Manchester, Winthrop, Independence, Jesup, Waterloo, Marshaltown, Des Moines, Adel, Stuart, Anita, Atlantic, Hancock, and Council Bluff

Make sure to keep checking in. We will be releasing cities and towns along our route on our Facebook, website, and at Dryhootch’s Facebook site.

Thanks for the support and donate forget to donate!!!!!!!

To Those Who Want To Trek With Us

To everyone who has expressed an interest in walking with us, both Tom and I wish to extend our most sincere thank you to you. However, we cannot take people with us on this trip. We can however, offer you the option to walk with us through your city and town. Over the next few days, we will list EVERY town in EVERY state we are walking through. We have a pledge sheet you can fill and try to raise donations for Dryhootch by having you walk with us through your town. We apologize to those who want to walk this trip. We just simply can’t do it. Please contact us if you’re interested in walking through your city or town with us. The pledge form is linked just below.-Anthony



pledge sheetVT

Wisconsin Cities Veterans Trek Will Walk Through

For all of your inquiring minds, here is the list of towns and cities Tom and I will be walking through. We will be utilizing state trails as well as some back roads.

Milwaukee, Waukesha, Delafield, Farmington, Johnson Creek, Lake Mills, Cottage Grove, Madison, Middleton, Verona, Mt. Horeb, Barneveld, Dodgeville, Mineral Point, and Darlington.



Check Out This Route!!!

VT-RouteHere is our path mapped on Google Earth. Coming soon, your specific city. Hint: There are like 150 different towns and cities we pass through between Milwaukee and Los Angeles. Do you see your area anywhere on the map? If so, make sure to check back and see if we’re coming through. The first two I’ll give now: Milwaukee and Waukesha, WI.

Route Finalized

Tom and I have finalized our route. We will share specific communities we pass through along with ways to get involved. But, just a tease, we will be walking through: Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Be sure to check back and see if your community is on our route! And remember, please check out and support this great Veteran resource.